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DotTA crashes often in Multi



So I was playing Dawn of the Tiberium Age with some friends and we do get some regular crashes, the save feature is nice but we had a final crash in our third game that corrupted the entire line of them. Is there a patch or compatibility option we're missing? Could it be my router? is it just like this? We all use Windows 10 I believe.

Thanks in advance for anyone that can help us! We love this project, 6 of us just discovered it, and would like it to work enough for us to finish a longer game. Thanks!

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We'll need some more information to know what's going on.

  • What message did you see when the game crashed? (usually "Internal Error", "Reconnect Error" or "Fatal Error")
  • Did the crashes always happen on the same map and if so, which map were you playing on?
  • How many AI players were present?
  • Was the "Extreme AI" option enabled?
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