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Instant regenerating tiberium for dawn of tiberium age


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I downloaded a tool long ago (which I no longer have access to) for adding fast regenerating ore / tiberium to the map. So instead of making maps littered with tons of ore I could simply place blocked off sections near player bases much like the ore mines in ra3. Does such a tool or guide exist to add them to dawn of tiberium age? It also needs to work in multiplayer mode. funkyfr3sh  made the old tool Im referring to but his link in my old thread no longer works and he has private messages turned off.

Is this also something I could accomplish with Tibed? Assuming that even works with dawn of tiberium age.

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On 1/5/2020 at 11:04 PM, Bittah Commander said:

Dawn of the Tiberium Age already has the "Fast Resource Growth" game option that can be enabled on any map, which basically just makes all tiberium trees and ore mines generate resources faster than you can harvest them.

If you're talking about in the options where you turn off silos needed and stuff that doesn't appear to work. Sure it seems a little bit faster but not much. Are you telling me it's not something that can be adjusted? 

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According to the tooltip for rapid resource regrowth, it will grow fast enough for more than 10 harvesters to harvest from 1 tree. When combined with the Instant Harvester Unload option, the amount of income you can get off of 1 tree should be significantly faster.
Attached is a screenshot to illustrate. I believe this resource patch has a 3-cell invisible spreader in addition to the regular tib tree that has a 1 cell radius. SCRN0018.thumb.jpg.6ad5ddfd53e5c7211f8d40256e2adce6.jpgIt is indeed enough to sustain 10 harvesters.

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