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MO 3.3.1 De-sync issue



I still can't fix my de-sync issue in MO.

When I join multiplayer game,and it starts,I see only my game loading,the others get disconnected in 30-50 seconds.

I use normal YR installation (updated from MO 3.0),singleplayer work perfectly.

Can  anyone help me? I really want to make it finally work!


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On 18.05.2017 at 4:24 PM, Speeder said:

Did you set admin rights and compatibility settings correctly? 

As instructed in https://forums.revora.net/topic/106978-mo33-support-game-or-client-crashes-launch-issues-megathread/

I wanna retry on my RA2 disc image installation with YR files. At all single worked only with gamemo.exe changed to gamemd.exe for unknown reason.

EA,make RA2 freeware so modders can have easier job! Everything what was integrated with game files always work!

At all my laptop has pain in the airvent with RA2 due to res 1440x900 and Intel graphics.

Edit:Fin, give me your rifle i'm soo stupid! (i used XWIS files for MO not disc obes!)

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