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Help test ping ip for future team game!


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Hi, everyone!

We Chinese want to hold a 3v3 YR cup, if everything is ok, the prise will be 5000-10000$. But first we will resolve the lag problem, please ping the ip below, and tell me the result, so we can choose the best server.

@[AuF]Mindwar @VWWWWWWWWWWW @Marsh @Blazer @[nra]Buffalo @JSDS


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On ‎8‎/‎6‎/‎2017 at 10:33 AM, FunkyFr3sh said:

Ping doesn't matter. Chinese lag because of high packet loss.


"Smokers Tunnel" is the best one for chinese (for international games)

this, because this guy know his stuff.....


on a side note, why do I feel the $5000-$10000 prize money is either highly inflated or not in USD / Euro

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6 hours ago, [nra]Buffalo said:

@Yes-Gu Lang

when would this tourney take place? 

The Sponsor is in a big lag.At start,he say he will get $5,000~10,000 for this tourney,but now he only wants to get ¥10,000.I am so Embarrassed ,for I say $5,000~10,000 to you.I think if sponsor cannot donate $5,000 at least,there is no need for them to get you [Most pro guys] to join this tourney:)


I think $5,000 is just ok to get you join in the games,¥10,000 is too few to get you on .


I am trying to make the sponsor to ensure his original words.



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8 hours ago, ShowtimeRa2 said:

I play on QQ  server and it is as smooth as gr and cncnet, so as for me vs chinese this  isnt the case.

I got really good internet,maybe thats why.


Oops a bump,sorry

That's probably because you are in the netherlands (just like the smokers tunnel)

Chinese internet providers have peering with the Amsterdam Internet Exchange https://ams-ix.net/


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