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Framesendrate Suggestions



Many of us just recently learned about the "/framesendrate" command for hosts to use in game lobbies but as of now, there's very vague info as far as what value to set in different situations. The vast majority of players who regularly host games don't even know of / commands altogether. Would someone be kindly willing to break it all down for us? In addition, as a way to make game hosts more aware of these features, perhaps in future updates, add it to the other info that pops up in the main lobby?

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The reason why the commands haven't really been advertised anywhere is that you don't need to mess with FrameSendRate. It is an optional feature for those who know what it does, it can be used to either increase or decrease the order lag in-game. AFAIK at the same time it also affects some other things like the chance of sync errors.

In addition to /FrameSendRate, the only commands right now are /HIDEMAPS and /SHOWMAPS that can be used as the game host to either show or hide the map list (adjusting the chat box accordingly).

Future client versions will include at least /MaxAhead and /ProtocolVersion which are additional networking-related parameters that you will be able to adjust (at least in TS and mods, I don't know whether the YR spawner supports changing them yet).

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