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TS weapon modding


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I'm having trouble modding the primary weapon of the E1 Light Infantry.  I changed the Primary=Minigun to Primary=LtRail as a mini experiment of sorts but nothing happened.  The Light Infantry are still using the Minigun.  I then tried modifying the Minigun damage stat but the Light Infantry still did the same amount of damage.  Is this some form of hard coding or is there another category or stat that I need to change? 

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Weird Billy, it should work if you did it right. Did you use the map file to make edits? Are you using the right spaces between lines in your mapfile like this: empty line, unit code line, edit line, empty line. Are you using [E1] ? 

Are you playing the right map? Also,  If your testing it in multiplayer you have to restart the client.(no need in skirmish).

Can you copy paste the edits you made over here? Or better upload the map here if it still doesnt work

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