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Jungle tileset


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Really? I think it looks really nice and jungle like. Different grass gives a big feel of the whole area being different, rather than just different trees etc.

Little heads up: too many trees on a map will make the game run slow. Maybe look at making many of the plants from previously rock tile etc and make them look like plants, that way you can still have lots of foliage without choking up game speed :)


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Wow, thank you for your comments!


Allen: I'll remove those water pixels, they are not as funny as I thought.

Iran: Thank you very much! If this jungle set is succesful, I will consider making a Barren/Lava theater as well.

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Actually I thought it might be nice to have a theater select feature when starting a multiplayer game, like a drop-down box, or radio button for sno,tem,win,des,jun. Interior is not good obviously.


Not something i'm interested in personally.

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Not bad...


People over at PPMSite have already attempt something like this once (though they wanted it more of a "pirates" theater; tropical beaches and such rather than really jungle)


Pretty sure that must be around somewhere...


By the way, which palette are you using for C&C1?

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I got the following ready:



BRIDGE1,2 all

S all

D all





I think will make the WC tiles with different vegetation and seaweed. I'm not sure what to do with the shores, though, and making rocky-bushy rivers will be a big, big challenge.

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Four things:


1. I love the plants and the cliffs! Especially the cliffs with all the things growing on them.


2. Did you make the trees yourself or did you take them from other games? If they are taken from other games, are they from abandonware like C&C?


3. Is this using the C&C temperate palette or are you making your own? :D I highly suggest making your own if you have the ability is that way you can get the actual proper colours you want rather than best matching.


4. I agree with the others that the grass seems a bit too blue for me. When I think of jungle I think of dark green grass, like really lush, or perhaps like go the other way entirely and go barren dirt, with the trees and shrubs adding as the foilage.

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1. Thank you :)

2. They are Shutterstock images filtered and resized. AFAIK I'm okay with those.

3. I use one palette for all theaters (desert, too), so I tried to stick with that here as well.

4. Yes, I agree that the grass is a sensitive matter. Probably the best is for me to upload multiple color grasses, and we'll deceide together what's the best.

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