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May Yuri's Revenge QM Map's

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Maps Soviet Allied Yuri
Amazons Delta * * Mirror
Bull Run * * Mirror
Caverns of Siberia * * *
City Under Siege * * Mirror
Cold War (No Barrels) * * Mirror
Coldest Peak * * *
Country Swing * * *
Deadmans Ridge * * Mirror
Death Valley Girl * * Mirror
Defcon 6 Mirror Mirror Mirror
Depth Charge * * Mirror
Desert Island * * Mirror
Divide & Conquer * * *
Dry Heat * * *
Dustbowl * * *
Face Down * * Mirror
Glowing Waters * * Mirror
Golden State Fwy * * *
Hail Mary * Mirror *
Hammer & Sickle * * Mirror
Heartland * * *
Heck Freezes Over (No Gems) * * *
Heck Without Lamez * * Mirror
Hidden Valley * * *
Isle of War * * Mirror
Jungle Of Vietnam * * Mirror
Let there Be Fight * * Mirror
Loaded Barrel * * Mirror
Meat Grinder * * Mirror
Montana DMZ * * Mirror
Morningtide * * Mirror
New Hieghts * * Mirror
North Waves * * Mirror
Offense Defense * * Mirror
Official Tournament Map B * * Mirror
Pacific Hieghts * * Mirror
Paris Revisited * * Mirror
Poltergiest * * *
Proving Grounds * * *
Reconcile * * *
Sahara Mirage * * Mirror
Sea Of Isolation * * Mirror
Snow Valley * * Mirror
South Pacific * * Mirror
Soveriegn Land * * Mirror
Stormy Weather * * Mirror
The Path More Travelled By * * Mirror
Tiger Bay * * Mirror
Tour Of Egypt * * Mirror
Tsunami * * Mirror
Urban Rush * * Mirror
Yin-Yang * * Mirror
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How many maps is this? Like more than 50?

And you can set like ~9 maps to reject? Leaving over 40 maps.


And not all maps got a big preview before you get launched into game, so you can at least kinda see where the gems and oil derricks are.

It's a bit overwhelming for old players like myself trying to do some quickmatch games after not having played for years.

I'd suggest a smaller map pool.


Love what you cncnet guys done with the game overall though, much props. 👍


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yeah shrinking the map pool is a no-brainer to me; we have easily more than three times as many maps as there's any reason to be, except if trying to state that RA2/YR is so shallow that you want to emphasize map specifics.

I guess it has something to do with most of these maps being ladder maps before we had the tech to ban yuri to mirrors. so we have this convoluted compromise between balance and purity instead of a simple sane map count.

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zigzag you noob forgot tournament map A :D 



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2 hours ago, JSDS said:

zigzag you noob forgot tournament map A :D



didnt forget just didnt include in this mix up, itll prob be in next month's perhaps we should look at having slightly less maps

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I kinda liked the large selection, though I can understand why some newer or returning players wouldn't like the huge list.

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I'm having some trouble launching QM games on non westwood maps. Can some give me those maps? thanks

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