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Ladder Points


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Points are almost the same as xwis except you will get a few extra points that's based on your Elo, (between 4-20). And you can't lose more than 10% of your points in one match and you won't lose as many points to players who have less than 10 games.


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Hi Allen,

The ladder point system is derived from the WOL point system, however the ELO rating system has a small part to play in it as well to reward the skilled players playing on the same accounts etc.

It also has been changed to make it less detrimental on the loss of points. WOL had games where you lost a major portion of your points in 1 silly game. WE stopped that here. 

We also put  blocks on rank busters so you can't be rank busted by someone. 

I can go into further detail if you wish, but it would require me to dig up an old topic in the cncnet testers page :p. 


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Oh yes, if that information is permitted outside of the private testing forum and it is not too much bother, then it would be interesting to know how ELO rating was integrated and rank busting mitigated. Do not go to too much trouble mate.

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This is a copy and paste of a post I had in the ladder tester forum. You can kind of get the idea here (sorry for out of context posts, but maybe it will be of value). If you have any questions on any of the calculations, just let me know. You may be unfamiliar with the Elo system, but it is a system classically used in chess ratings. Here, I think it only has a max of +7 or so on the win. So it is only a small factor.  


Current points system:

winner points = wol + rp + rElo

loser points = (negative) wol + rElo

rp = (Enemy rating * Ally rating) / 230000

rElo = elo(Enemy rating, Ally rating)

wol = 1/(10 ^ (ladder points difference)/600) +1)

cap: you can't lose more than 10% of your points in one game.

guard: If you lose to someone who has less than 10 games, then  wol  = wol * (enemy games/10)




So, we have our traditional WOL points with a very minor adjustment to it. We have two parts on the rating system. One is the rElo which I think ranges from 0 to +7 points if I recall. The other is the rp element which I know has a max rating of 1500, so if we do 1500*1500/230000 = Roughly 10 points. Whereas the lowest rating I think is 1000, so 1000*1000/230000 = 4.3.


So, this means that if we compare a newb game (2 newbs vs each other at 1000 rating each) and a pro gram (2 pros at 1500 points each) and we do not care about the WOL points (WOL points are on equal playing field), then the difference in points is at most 13. 


This to me, is hardly a huge difference. It's the most extreme possible scenario as well (2 super pros face off vs. 2 super- newbs face off). In more likelihood, the ratings will be somewhere between 1300-1400 for the pros and 1050-1200 for the newbs.


Edit: To add, the rating system actually benefits those who are lower rated competing against a higher rated in one respect, as if you are rated 1000 and beat a 1500 rated player you gain +14 compared to just the +7 when a 1500 rated player goes up against a 1500 rated player. So that actually benefits the newby rated player.

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