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This is a little topic to point you to some C&C modding tools.

Feel free to add more tools to this topic.  :)

The XCC Utilities:

Essential for any modder. Download HERE. Made by Olaf Van Der Spek. Contains: XCC AV Player, XCC Editor, XCC Mixer (V 1.45), XCC MIX Editor and XCC TMP Editor.
XCC TFD Shortcut installer - Handy for TFD users.
XCC Radar Color editor
XCC AUD writer - This is a plug-in for WinAmp that allows you to create .aud files from .mp3 files. For WinAmp, and MP3 editing, see Sound related tools below.
XCC .dll pack - You might need these DLL files to run the XCC utilities. Put them in the same directory as the program you are having trouble running.
XCC Utils 1.45 U - with Visual Styles support http://www.vk.cncguild.net/TOOLS/DATA/XCC_Utils_U.zip
Mix Protector. Locks your mix files, this program helps to prevent asset theft. http://www.vk.cncguild.net/TOOLS/DATA/MIXProtector.exe

INI (.ini) related tools:

DCoders AI Editor - A program to help you edit the AI.ini file.
If the above link doesn't work, click HERE.
Most use notepad for editing the ini files, but some use other notepad-based programs. These are some good programs to edit the .ini files.

Voxel (.vxl) and HVA (.hva) related tools:

Voxel Section Editor III (VXLSE) 1.37 - Another tool created by Banshee and other people from PPM, for creating voxels. Voxels are used mostly as tanks in TS and RA2.
Cube Normalizer 1.5 - A program for normalizing voxels.
WILL'S Voxel Editor. An alternate voxel editor (as used by Mig Eater).
3DS2VXL - A program for converting .3ds files to.vxl files.
Some 3DS2vxl patches
OS HVA Builder 2.1 - A program for editing .hva files.
OS HVA Builder Quick Patch - Updates OS HVA Builder from V2.0 or above to 2.12.
OS Voxel Viewer - A program for viewing .vxl files.
OS Voxel Viewer Quick Patch - Updates OSVV from V1.5 or above to V1.75.

SHP (.shp) related tools

OS SHP Builder - This tool created by Banshee and other people from PPM, is a tool used to create shp files, these files are used as units and buildings in all C&C games from C&C1 to RA2. Download is here.
Engie File Converter is a conversion suite created by Nyerguds that supports most of the Westwood image formats (D2 SHP, TD SHP, TS SHP, CPS, WSA). Downloads folder is here.
Radar Color Editor Is a program put together by Nyerguds (GUI by IcySon55) which you use to modify the colors of your SHP's on the radar screen, a very handy tool.

Music (.aud/.mp3/.wav) related tools

For the XCC AUD writer, see the XCC Utilities Section at the top.
WinAmp - This program, combined with The XCC AUD writer, can create usable, ready to be inserted into TS, .aud files.
Audacity - A program for editing .mp3 and .wav files, which can then be converted to .aud files. Not required, but handy for making many new sounds.

2D Image editing software

Not a requirement of TS editing, but many modders use these programs such as PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro and Gimp.

3D Image software

Commonly used for creating renders and buildings. Again, not required, but very handy to have.
Blender - A free, open source, easy to use 3D modeling program.
3DS MAX - An incredible 3D program. It comes at a price though. For a free trial, follow the link on the main page.
See also: 3DS to VXL above.
GMAX- A cut down, but free version of 3DS MAX. That site also has tutorials here and there, so make sure you check them out too.
Anim8or is a free 3D modeling program which is a favorite out of the free programs.

Hex Editing related tools (for editing GAME.exe) Note: These programs are NOT Decompilers/disassemblers.

HHD hex editor - A tool for edting the TS game.exe. Note that this is an older version, but it is MUCH better than the new one.
Hex Workshop - A more complicated, but more useful Hex editor.
PE Explorer - A hex editor and resource viewer in one, with several other useful features. Only recommended for those with experience in exe editing though. Link leads to a download page for a 30 day trial.

Language.dll related tools

Resource Hacker - A tool for editing the TS Language.dll. Can also be used to edit the GAME.exe to a certain extent.
XN Resource Editor - A more powerful, but slightly more complicated resource editor. Can also be used for modifying certain parts of GAME.exe

Misc tools

TMP Studio - A tool for editing and creating TS and RA2 terrain files.
Explosion Generator - Found by Triforce a while ago, this is a nice program that generates random explosions, which can be used in TS.


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TibEd sucks for anything other than C&C1

Sun Edit 2k is horrible

RedEdit98 sucks too


Just editing the ini files for the games that use ini files to control stats etc. with notepad is so much better than any editor.


And you lost another point with the topic, do not simply hotlink the files!

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Ultraq's C&C1/RA1/DuneII editing utilities. They can handle the "lost" file types, like WSA, and the Dune II SHP format used for the C&C1 and RA1 mouse cursor. The entire pack is nothing but command line tools though.

BTW, Ultraq also uploaded v0.28a on his site:



There's also the problem that the Dune II SHP converters v0.28a and v0.24 are complementary, as not all the features work in v0.28a, which does not support SHPs with frames of various dimensions (at least, this did not work for me) and transparency, but does allow the use of remapable color.

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TibEd sucks for anything other than C&C1


Just wondering, why? I've never seen any noticeable problems with it. (Haven't used it in a while for actual .ini based games, though). Seriously, if you can tell me what's wrong with it, I'll try to come up with an alternative (since I might need to anyway for unrelated reasons).

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It tends to muck up the ini files a bit for games like TS up (dont know about RA though) That and it doesnt allow you to change the full list of attributes in many games

(TS for example has many programmed attributes which are never used in the rules file and some which are seen in the rules file but do not excists in the exe file, last time i used one of the program some usless attributes were listed and some use-full atributes hidden)



And since the files are all text based any way its sometimes a lot easyer just to use a fancy text editor (like notpad++) than it is to use a program with a GUI

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Does that support the Dune II formats, though? Like the C&C1 and RA1 mouse cursor. Dune II also has support for (and uses) SHP files with frames with different dimensions.


Yes, it supports it via the https://github.com/OpenRA/OpenRA/blob/bleed/OpenRA.FileFormats/Graphics/Dune2ShpReader.cs and I think it was used to convert the mouse cursors to the new formats.

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Alright, Please forgive me I'm brand new to this forum. I downloaded RA1 a while back and adjusted the rules.ini file to my liking... Since then my computer crashed and I lost everything. Now I've downloaded RA again and tried to alter the rules but it's not working anymore. As noobish as this sounds could anyone give me a quick walk through so I can find out what I'm doing wrong. Right now I've done this..


> Made Grenadiers allies,soviet (Just so I could see if the changes were taking effect)

> Moved to red alert file


Once again I apologize for the noobness this is just really frustrating me.

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remember grenadiers have prerequesite=barr whereas allied barracks is [tent]

so you cant build them unless you have soviet barracks


I've made all the appropriate adjustments to the rules itself so it should work. The rules file just isn't over riding the in game stats.. I don't understand why.

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I apologize. I honestly feel pretty lost when it comes to these forums. If I can figure out how to work this I can assure you I won't be screwing up the organization here. I can only imagine how annoying that is. I have, spawn.ini, spawnmap.ini, spawn1.mix, and two "spawn" .pdf.....

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