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Alright I've got everything you guys have said. Appreciate the help so much. One last thing, spawn.xdp is saying it cannot open because the file is not supported or it is damaged.. It only gives me the option to open it with adobe.. Any last pieces of advice?

They already said it's an ini file. Just open it with Notepad. If you right click on the file you should get "open with..." in it, allowing you to choose the program manually. If not, you need to hold shift while right-clicking the file.

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Alright I understand notepad and how to open a file. I'm not a neanderthal. It's just the file I have that is labeled "spawn.xdp" Will not open, the error report is as follows...


"Adobe reader could not open "spawn.xdp" because it is either not a supported file type or the file has been damaged"


I also know how to use the "open with.." option, but that does not give me any other option than to open with adobe reader.

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Do I just open a shp file with OS SHP editor to edit it (say, the spy) or do I do something else? Because it says some error. It's in the same folder as Red Alert and the OS SHP editor (the spy.shp) and I uninstalled it because it was useless.

Are there any other tools for editing shps?

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Well, now I have a new problem. I can't place anything in the Mix files (even using XCC Mix Editor). Also, just to make sure, if I have Iran's PortableRA, and I have small infantry enabled, where should I put my edited spy.shp file? Inside the small infantry file?

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Yeah, and I believe we even need a new one, or at least some extended capabilities in one of the old ones. Lice copy/paste for templates, fixed trigger and teamtype syntax, smudges, etc. Oh well, I guess I shoud've strived to be a programmer after all... Nah.

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I was actually able to get in touch with that Olaf dude and emailed him a long-ass list of things which could use improving in XCC.  Among the improvements was a request for a copy/paste/hex edit option.  I'm not sure if he'll implement them, as I imagine TD is not high on the list of priorities, but he politely responded with some questions and didn't just blow me off.... (fingers crossed)

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