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General talk (RA2/YR related)


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Hay guys! Did you know:


1. Yuri's side has unique ability to build 2 kinds of dogs if get soviet and allied barrack (both).

2. Engineer from ANY mcv (no matter which side), which you can get by selling or destroying your mcv always will be an Allied Engineer  :)

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Story: Never give up.


Basically my ally got seal rushed to dead at begin and immediately left the game. I didn't give up by leaving too and instead had a nice challenge. As always, when you have people seal rushing they can't do much else. Therefor, I ended up win a 2 vs 1.




Never leave on 2 vs 1 games. Sometimes its a fun challenge if its 2 average players.

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Did you know that :


1- Yuri clone or Yuri prime can be leet by deploying and killing units ! For example, a leet yuri prime can control any building without latence between 2.

2- Yuri clone/Yuri prime by deploying can kill dolphins (maybe also octopus?)

3- you can put drone chaos inside a BF; BF will move with the drone chaos always "deploying".


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