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CnCNet Euro Marathon server


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Free game download link (using demo, FDS, and public mod tools files) to be available soon.

Server: CnCNet Euro Marathon
Server type: Marathon
SFPS: 100 (with frametime checking code so no weird servers, unlike on other servers)
Server location: The Netherlands
Server net update rate: 50  (once every 20 milliseconds) (other servers are at 10-30 (100-33 milliseconds), we're  the only server running this high)
Starting credits: 0
credit tick: 2 credits per second. 1.5 creds per second when Power Plant is down and 0.5 when Refinery is down.
Veteran system: yes
Commander system yes:
Minor base defenses: Enabled randomly on rush maps
Pointsmod: off (server runs fix for pointwhoring with snipers)
C4 modifcations: per player 6 remote and 6 timed c4 limit. Proxy C4 is fixed so they don't disarm after server leave anymore and Proxy C4 placed just above doors won't trigger anymore.
Marathon mods: You can buy one weapon as basic infantry after Barracks/Hand of Nod is down. You can purchase vehicles at increased cost when Airstrip/Weapons Factory is down. There is a wait time for buying vehicles.
Sounds: Server has chat sounds
Fake beacons are disabled
Pedestal beacon is enabled but might get disabled in the future.



-No tunnel beacon/ledge beacon.
-No b2b, on Islands you need to be PAST (not on it) the second river.
-No hillcamping on Hourglass.
-Don't go off map or in areas you're not supposed to be in.
-No one man wall hop
-No teamhampering
-No credit farming (where a team mate harms himself and you repair him for credits)
-No flaming infantry
-Don't spam chat nor C4.
-No building hopping (getting on top of buildings) except when normally accessible. Getting on top of Barracks on Canyon is fine.
-Don't shoot through Weapons Factory glass.


Moderators (feel free to apply for moderator position):
-ExEric3 (Owner)
-Iran (admin)

-MadsMax26 (FULL moderator)
-XD_ERROR_XD (FULL moderator)
-FurinKazan (FULL moderator)

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No it's fine, I'm not hosting the actual game. Just a download using only demo, Free Dedicated server, 1.037 patcher tool and renegade official modding tools files. And it doesn't come with serial or anything.

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Nice I love renegade. But do you really think this was such a smart idea considering renegade is dying slowly? not a lot of people will play the server. More interested in rencorner.


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Well I was hoping I could link the free game installer I made using the game demo and FDS and modding tool files (all free to download without serial) but I guess that won't stick with a certain person on the team (even though we host Dune2K).

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Well, i would be more than happy to mod for you guys. 


Also, you might want to explain what flaming infantry actually is. A lot of people will get confused. I know myself and furinkazan/dubstar and few other's got confused with that first time we played. I know it means you can't put c4's on yourself but that doesn't matter again people will get confused with that.

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