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Can Gunboats reinforce from the west?


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Haha wow, that's new levels of silly XD

I might go with trying to harass the player with air instead. SAM Sites are underused by players, having enough Warthogs to actually be a threat might make them actually be used.

...or just cruise missile them to death :P

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I came up with a way to get reinforced gunboats which shoot, the trick is to bring them in transported inside another unit. In theory this should work with anything - APCs, Chinooks, Hovercraft, C-10 Transport, but I found the best way was by Chinook as you have the most control over where the new gunboat will patrol.


here's the map I built to showcase it, so you can check it out if you like. It's not hard to hide the place the Chinooks land the boats so the player will never see the trick used to make it work.

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