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2v2 tourney


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8 hours ago, XXxPrePxX said:

Would have no problem running one if there was enough interest. However, there hasn't been much interest in tournaments for a while now. 

Show me interest and I'll put it together np. 

ok that's the time pro noobs. show what you got :D 


list down your teams if you are interested.

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2 hours ago, XXxPrePxX said:

Likely need at least 8 teams minimum and 16 teams maximum to make it worthwhile. 

@[NRA]Rocketeer and I likely taking first place :D.

+1 - count me in for sure

1 hour ago, Blazer said:

i'll take westnz if he's around. haven't seen him for a while tho.

Dan messaged me not so long ago on Skype, he's still about!

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