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[Red Alert] Gold Medal Challenge V2 Rules


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All Medals were reset and a new map was created, please check the new rules below



1. Settings = Color: Yellow, Country: Germany, Speed: 7

2. You must destroy all enemy tanks before the time runs out

3. You need to win using hotkeys like in the video shown below (ctrl shift etc..)

4. Stacking/fooling the AI is not allowed - Do not park any tanks next to the kennels to destroy/block them on purpose (no force fire etc..)

5. Your screen resolution must be 1280x width or below and 720x height or below (1024*768, 1920x1080 etc... are not allowed)

6. 1 trusted spectator must watch you playing the map (See names below)

7. The spectator must host the game room and not the player

8. The game must run at an acceptable speed, laggy games don't count



Spectators: robskate, Bravo, At0m1, FunkyFr3sh, Lauta, D1GA, Commander, Lovehandles, Ferret, ra168uk, lordy


Note to Spectators: After the game you must check the resolution of the player in the score screen to ensure the player did not use a too high resolution. When the ready button was clicked there should be no cheat warning.


Example videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDzDXvyPjCw



Search for "Gold Medal Challenge V2.1" or type the following command inside a game room: 

/map 72f6a01ff66dbc3e193cdbe84adf51f6636f4956




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On 3/3/2018 at 3:12 PM, Clausewitz said:

Question about: "Do not park any tanks next to the kennels"


it seems that tanks (with lost-groups) stuck there @kennels. is it allowed to re-group them into #1 or are they lost there?

I guess you can do that yes, don't see a problem with it

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I Like the the dog wall a lot its great for teaching shift also on lost team of shift i know by tanks getting stuck meaning no longer in team 1 hotkey mistake happened learning q in real time i think is what matters and too learn the right way 

The old gold medal is very hard map too very hard to beat however its beatable without using shift and there no way no if players who beat it use shift or not 

gold medal V2 as a map is way too hard for me am still trying beat it for the last year still working on it for hours a day I do also have days relax all my focus is on q practice maps and not other parts of the game anyways am still a far cry from beating gold medal v2 even beating v1 i only win 1 out of 100 games this is without specs as with specs maps are even harder because of lag imput delay also shifting takes away from time too q my tanks time leads too weaker q so does even moving tanks from one side the map too the other also got speed time on the other side of map

anyways getting faster at shifting tanks will make this time less long and sending tanks too the front in team as fast as u can shifting tanks 1 at a time is the right way too shift u want spend as much time on front of the map and as little as u can looking at the back of the map 

Its likely some players will never be able beat this map no matter how much they practice it is extreme hard map too beat its the cold hard truth

hopefully what I said helps new players trying get better at q & shifting helps hotkeys are very complex need be done at extreme speeds too win u also got have extreme good aim as well only perfect play can win 

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