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QM issues

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I've had a few cases where I pick a country for qm and then at start of game I'm a different country. Also a few times now someone has d/c or not loaded and then they have gotten pts and I've lost pts. Sup?

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I don't want to bother looking through the games but it happened in 2 or 3 so far. Just pointing out the issue...don't really care about getting pts back

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i think that not an issue ,

idk what this part of mouse called :P 

i moved it few times while moving up and down in qm map list and sometimes it does change the faction that been already chosen .

but idk i may be an issue .


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    • By HombreLaser
      I installed CnCnet for command and conquer red alert 2 and yuri's revenge on a 32-bit windows 7 virtual machine executed through virtualbox. I already installed microsoft .net framework 4.0 and the experimental 3D accelerator of the guest installer. This is the error I get when trying to play CnC net.

    • By DanielSama
      I played from this site earlier without any problems even from two computers in my house.
      - 1 - Adter an update the secondary Computer became Laggy in the games which made lag to the other players aswell,
      - 2 - Now after some time I havereinstalled it on my main PC and the Yuris Revenge runs CORRECTLY itslef but after I install CnCnet from this site, I can launch the lobby but joining a game will cause me black screen with sound.
      To set compatibilities to Windows 7 didn't fixed the problem.
      Windows 7 operational system.
      Also if it helps you I got KABOOM once.
      Thank you!
    • By Alpaca
      I re installed the game (because of MOmega..) and after fresh install , these happenin:
      my radar was working but went black after a game and keeps black on games. (YR)
      Im changing renderer and game freezes  half sec every minute.
      and there is a troll in my host room  I cant BLOCK him because I CANT SEE THE ANNOYING TROLL on players list on right side bar
      my question is:
      WT actual F?
    • By Jeen
      So I keep getting this issue whenever I minimize the client and do something else.
      Check the attachment for more detail
      How can I fix this?

    • By Hamsterwheel
      Hey guys, I seem to have a bit of a problem. I just made my first map using the editor and saved it as .yrm in the custom map folder of Red Alert 2. I've selected a particular game type but unfortunately it still doesn't show up in the folder. I've tried this multiple times with several maps but I simply can't get them to show up in game. Any reason as to why I'm having this issue?
      Here's a video of the map, the location of the map inside the RA2 directory and me trying to find it in game:
      Thanks in advance.
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