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Looking for a group of active ladder TS & YR Testers

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Added you both (Check the instructions in the private forum)

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Added - please read the instructions carefully in the private forum. Thanks :)

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I'm getting back into cncnet again now that my baby was born. Would love to help. Just let me know if you still need any. SN is SHUDRSKI on ra2/yr

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Hey I'd love to test the QM ladder if there is still room.

i posted this before in the wrong section i think. My bad


@grant :D

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4 minutes ago, ShowtimeRa2 said:

add me plz i will try to play some yuri

Showtime, you no longer need to be added to play. You can sign in to CNCNet, go to "Ranked Games" and then register using a valid email address. Then go to your account and create a nickname, then re-sign in on cncnet ranked matches screen. Then you are in to play :D.

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i'm actually starting to play on the TS/RA1 ladder, YR too! i'm on fire and active 😋

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