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December 2vs2 Bracket and Rules


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Bracket : http://challonge.com/ra2yrdec2017


-NO Yuri Faction allowed

-2vs2 tournament, but if teams have 3 players, it is OK to play games 3on3.

-First map of series will always be heck freezes over LvR (it can be TvB if BOTH teams agree). No Lame spots.
LOSER picks next map.
NO custom/user-created maps unless agreed by BOTH teams.

-First team to win 5 games moves on.

-All games are to be STREAMED. Find a streamer. @Win4esteris official streamer, but you can also find any streamer online.

-Settings are simple: Short Game + MCV Repacks + Superweapons + Build off ALLY = ON. Everything else should be off. Starting credits at the normal 10,000 and units at 0.

For further organization, join Win4ester's created discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/HZREnNR

If you need help arranging your games, please post in here.

-->Expectations: First round should be done by December 17th. Second round and third round to be played by December 31st. If games have not been completed by then, we will have to look at eliminating teams.


Good luck.

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We can make this tournament in one day, these are only 3 pairs, what makes it fast to held.

Every one who participate, join the Discord channel, so you can find your opponent's team faster.

Also, I would like to stream at minimum 2 pairs of teams in one time, because it doesnt seem to be reasonable, to launch stream for 1 series. I want at least 2 hours broadcast.

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20 minutes ago, Gun_Man said:

Was this bracket random?

Also, does loser pick spots as well?

Good questions.

1) the tournament was mostly random with the exception of marsh+kinky vs matt/maax since  both teams wanted to face off against each other first. Also, I put myself as admin into the other first game spot for fairness.

2) I'd say the opposite team gets to pick spots --> i.e. loser picks map, but winner picks spots.

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4 hours ago, FReQuEnZy said:

@heldro @scalpem @DoDger When's a good time for you?


i already pointed out somewhere at one of prep's post about the tourny that i can't play my exams r coming in 10 days or so can't participate in this tournament the most i can do is join some1 as a 3rd but i can't even promise that i will be online if i were asked at a specific time sorry :/

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 i will finish 15/1 at the middle of jan during that time the most i can do is log in late at night my time it's like 6H from now for couple of games and somedays i can't even log in after the exams sure iam fully free to be online at any time i want during the whole week i can work from home so it's not a problem

40 minutes ago, heldro said:

I can wait 10 days, np

i have free time in these 10 days more than i will have after the first exam starts lol so iam afraid it's more than 10 days :P

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Lets everybody tells time, during which he can play.

It has to be GTM time zone. 


Then, we can find a moment, when all players and me will be online, and then we can arrange time for games.

I can stream since 15:00 to 20:00 GTM,  but I can try to get another time, especialy if it is weekend.


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