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Red Dawn (RA-1)


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I'm aware of this. Twentieth Century Fox and DtecNet are saying I'm infringing on a copyright. They are say I have some how taken part or all of the movie

"Red Tails".


I have filed a counterclaim telling them that they are wrong as Red Dawn only has parts from C&C games and C&C is copyright of EA but both files are suspensed for at leat 10 business days. (Both were removed November 19 2012)


From mediafire counterclaim page...

After receipt of the counterclaim, the claimant who filed the copyright infringement must notify us within ten (10) business days that ‘he’ has filed an action seeking a court order to restrain you from engaging in infringing activity relating to the Content on MediaFire.


If your counterclaim is successful, the strike will be removed and the file(s) in question restored.




I have yet to be told if my counterclaim is successful or not.... I'm sorry that the links are down but not a lot I can do about it. When the Links are fixed I will send you a PM leting you know.

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Well more than 10 business days have past and no one has replyed to my counterclaim so I deleted the old ones and uploaded new ones. I did change the file names on both but they are the same as the ones that were taken down. Maybe C&C Red Alert 1 Mod Red Dawn Mod 2012 Main.exe and C&C Red Alert 1 Mod Red Dawn Mod 2012 AVs.exe will tell those morons that I'm not taking some farking "Red Tails" movie.


I updated the first page with new links and posting the link for the main mod and briefing Win/Lose cut scenes.


“Red Dawn 2012 Installer” Required For Play (75.76 MB)



“Red Dawn 2012 Movie Installer” Optional (165.84 MB)


Win and Lose movies for all missions plus some briefing.



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Yes. I seem to forget about PPM most of the time... :dry: I'm gessing my old links were on a pirate site that also had the movie "Red Tails" as well and they were flaged by some bot program. ANY person could have opened both files and see it was not related to "Red Tails" at all.

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I should but I've only had to re-do the links twice. The nuking of megauploads and now this. Otherwise thing have been fine. I did think about uploading a new version that would have the blue switched to gold but that would really mess thing up for modder. The change done to the color pallet destoy Red Dawn as modding soure since noting could be ported back to stock RA1 and nothing from Stock RA1 could be used in Red Dawn.

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Ok so how do you get custom resolutions to work with this? On one of the red alert aftermaths I found they included a file named red alert config and it had more options than the standard red alert configurations. I'm actually able to run it at 1920x1080.


I tried copying files from that other red alert I talked about above the ra95.exe, red alert config,  and some other files to red dawns folder, (backed up the dawn files that I replaced) and ran the program and it worked. However when scrolling the sound and music sometime skips but it seems to be stable other than that.


So I'm wondering if you have something you officially designed to run with this mod. I'm playing this on a 55" hdtv so 640x400 isn't very fun to play on haha.

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Red Dawn was first made before any Hires paches were made. I've only messed with the early ra95-hires by HI-FI. Can you send me a a link to this newer one you have? I may put out a new version come January if it the current Hires out now are stable I may add them in.


As for you sound skiping. For the Hires mod you had to add a copy of the RA95.exe to the Red Dawn folder right? If yes than the RA95.exe needs compatibility modes set if you are using Vista/Win7/Other. The Red Dawn installer did the when you installed for the RD95.exe but you will have to do the RA95.exe your self.


In the RA95.exe compatibility tab you will need to set things to Windows 98 / Windows Me and check mark the Disable desktop composition this should fix your sound skiping.

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I had played a entire skirmish with 7 AI players without crashing. It was stable but had the sound issue. Your above info seems to have fixed that issue.


I dont exactly know where I got all of the files. When I was searching for a way to make red alert work on higher resolutions I found many different things and eventually found what worked. But I have attached a zip file to my post containing all of the files I copied. Extracting them exactly to the folder works and allows me to play on 1920x1080 on windows 7 64bit. The folder "configtoolfiles" also has to be placed into the reddawn folder in order for the "redalertconfig" program to function.


Hey while were talking about resolutions I have an issue with yuri's revenge perhaps you or someone could help?  Whenever my brother and I try to play on the xwis server it requires him to play on default resolution since were both using an edited ra2md config file. This issue occurs when I host and he tries to join my game or when I host and try to join his game of which at that point im the one forced to use the default 640x400 resolution. Is their a patch somewhere that I need to download to change my resolution without editing the file? Because the preset resolutions are at max 1024 or something that's still really freaking huge. I don't know why we are even getting the locked to game resolution issue since we both have match my opponent to my resolution disabled.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi!  I love this mod, been playing for awhile now.  I just finished the GDI campaign and had a blast.  When I decided to start the Nod Campaign story mode, it gives me an error saying,


"Unable to read Scenario"


I'm not a C&C modding person so I really don't how to fix this.  I would really love to play the Nod Campaign though because this Mod is amazing.




Never mind, I fixed my issue.  I had to Uninstall everything and reinstall the game.  Thanks anyways.

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Hi!  I love this mod, been playing for awhile now.  I just finished the GDI campaign and had a blast.  When I decided to start the Nod Campaign story mode, it gives me an error saying,


"Unable to read Scenario"


I'm not a C&C modding person so I really don't how to fix this.  I would really love to play the Nod Campaign though because this Mod is amazing.




Never mind, I fixed my issue.  I had to Uninstall everything and reinstall the game.  Thanks anyways.


Vary odd but glad you got it working.


How it was done for TS can't be applied to RA1...yet... :(


it works, u just need to modify 1-2bytes in the ra95.exe and you have your own lobby :)

but to get listed on the cncnet.org page u need to ask hifi to add you hehe


Any more info on this would be use full and info on fixing the out of sync error as well since Red Dawn will have it.

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      EDIT: The new mod profile is live!
      So long time no chat. lol 😀 Since finally completing the story campaigns for Tiberian Dawn Redux a couple years ago I have been repeatedly approached about carrying the mod over into the RA universe with a spinoff. While it's still in the very early stages of development, Red Alert Redux is slowly being brought to life. I haven't decided if it will be a mini-mod type add-on built into TDR (think GDI/Nod vs. Allies/Soviets in skirmish) or a standalone project built off of the renovated C&C Generals SAGE engine TDR is now using. I know a lot of the assets and coding between the original TD and RA games is nearly the same so it would streamline development quite a bit. (looking into the original game files I noticed a lot of the art and audio assets are using the same filenames to confirm this) The biggest hurdles I have will be making a decent naval system, designing, coding, and animating attack dogs and then the Chronosphere stuff. I may also (as I did with TDR) consolidate the unit and structure tech tree and add unit upgrades and special abilities. (e.g. Engineers doubled as Mechanics and APC's doubled as Medics) So who wants Red Alert Redux? And I will say it will not be a 1:1 remake. As I did with TDR I aim to keep as much of the original wacky tech and atmosphere Westwood developed for TD and RA but also have a more realistic spin on it in both appearance and gameplay. I have been considering consulting with the former Cold War Crisis Mod Team and the guys behind Red Alert: A Path Beyond.

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