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Red Dawn (RA-1)


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Im wondering about the teams though in Skirmish:







Nod Black Hand


GDI Steel Talon




They are different names, is there a difference between them? - I know in Red Alert the different countries have different bonuses, maybe this is it? But maybe you can explain the team bonuses.

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Nod Black Hand=More speed but more cost for it

GDI Steel Talons=More Firepower but slower

GDI ZOCOM=More Armor but less Speed but thanks to buggy coding by WestWood it has Less Armor but less Speed.


I will fix  GDI ZOCOM if I get CNC support of you can do it your self. open the rules.ini in the Red Dawn folder and change the GDI ZOCOM/[France] Armor=1.1 from to Armor=0.9.

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You have done a most glorious service to C&C fans worldwide senior Allen :o


This is very authentic in both presentation and gameplay mechanics, it feels and looks just like TD making the illusion of a mod for RA very subtle. The GDI campaign is much more enjoyable then standard RA now :D and I like the random addition of converted missions from TD every now and then, one exception is I noticed the 'Covert Operations' soundtrack is absent, please don't state their are .mix limitations! D: as I find it to be the better soundtrack and would make an excellent addition to crowning this masterpiece. Throughout the years I went back and forth between potential TD conversions:


Return of the Dawn for TS, Dawn of the Tiberium Age for TS, Their was Tiberium Wars for RA which was a TC type of mod which had the look of TD but was built upon adding a whole load of other content aswell. This seems to take the cake!

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Your using the current version as the links on the first page has? Do you have the Optional  Movies and/or Covert Ops Music installed? Is the Main Campaign Missions (Allied and Soviet) and Aftermath working?


You can also check compatibility tab. When you open it you should see that a few things are checked and it is in Windows 95.

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I think there is somthing about your Win 7 and RA1. I could upload a zip that has all of the CS missions out of a mix file. You would have to put them into the Red Dawn folder.


Download the Red Dawn 2012 CS Missions.zip attached below. Copy or Move all 26 files to C:\WESTWOOD\RedDawn


This may fix it. I'm not sure... :(


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Their appears to be some anomalies with unit/structure settings.


Flamethrower should cost $200 not $300


Also why does the Advanced Power Plant have 'Heavy Armor' of 600 and War Factory has 'Light Armor' of 400?


The latter crumbles easily by comparison xD


This is easily one of the best C&C mods ever conceived, congratulations on the momentous work so far, this needs to be supported by CnCNet for great justice.

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Eh? Armour and hit points are unrelated. But those building values ARE correct. You can check the original C&C stats here:


Note that all hit point values for structures are halved in those settings compared to their actual ingame behaviour. Don't ask me why, I just copied the stats.



You're right about the flamer though. It should be $200. The $300 one is the Chem Warrior.

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Their appears to be some anomalies with unit/structure settings.


Flamethrower should cost $200 not $300


Also why does the Advanced Power Plant have 'Heavy Armor' of 600 and War Factory has 'Light Armor' of 400?


The latter crumbles easily by comparison xD


This is easily one of the best C&C mods ever conceived, congratulations on the momentous work so far, this needs to be supported by CnCNet for great justice.


Yes the Flamethrower cost is wrong sorry. You can edit the rules.ini to fix this. The rules.ini are at C:\WESTWOOD\RedDawn\ I did make other changes to make thing fit in with the RA1 units. So evey thing is not 100% ture to C&C95.


I'm not sure why Westwood made thing like they did. I tested the Weapons Factory and they are ths same shot for shot in Red Dawn and C&C95 at normal setting.


I've asked a few time for info about support for CnCNet. Thanks for liking Red Dawn!

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None of the C&C 95 missions can be converted to RA1. Most of the mission are RA1 updated to work with the mod.  I did remake a few C&C 95 missions.


As for a scenario editor... I used C&C-RAED but I used a few tricks to do the updates. Since C&C-RAED won't work with Red Dawn's mix files.


The good news is that I just finished a modified version of C&C-RAED. It will let you load edit and save any missions and multiplayer maps from Red Dawn.


Red Dawn Mission Builder. C&C-RAED


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      Does anyone know how to preview RA1 maps into picture files???
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