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Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow teaser thread


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Gah sorry for not thanking you guys earlier. Ever since CNCNet moved its domain I've not received any email notifications so I have to check everything manually.


Thanks for the positive feedback :) I noticed there's a few stray pixels I'll need to clean up (XCC seems to butcher the palette slightly, somehow) but I should be able to address that. Next update I should have some territory coloured in for you guys to see what you think~


I've had a few delays due to some legal problems I won't go into detail here. If they don't get resolved I'll have to switch to finishing my website redesign earlier rather than later.



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Though my life is currently nothing but trials and tribulations, thank God I can keep carrying on.


I've got 2 things to share with you guys. I'll start with the most exciting, a new building idea I had. I was inspired to make this on a lunch break today as there's one thing that always bothered me with my current building set: the civilian power plant, which is also used by Russia. it's the blue one in this screenshot:



As you can see it's the Red Alert one recoloured blue. While this is fine and a nice touch, it bothered me that I was using the advanced Red Alert power plant and the regular one on different factions. Doesn't make sense thematically. Replacing the power plant with something new is a tricky task. It still has to scream Red Alert, as I really want to tap into that nostalgia factor, it being on the Russian faction.


While this is still WIP, I think this is on the right track. I've made this by modifying the Ore Refinery and adding a few things.





What do you guys think? Cool? Not cool? Any ideas on how to make it even awesomer? Opinions on the colours? I want it to fit the RA look and feel like a power plant without it being the same building. If that makes sense. Hopefully. :laugh:


The other thing I can share is this:




This is the current idea for how the world map will look at the start of the first campaign. My problem is that Russia and USA really have no reason to expand! XD The map will mainly be tracking the player's progress I guess. Feel free to throw feedback on this one as well.


Hope you like guys! :)

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About the Soviet-style power plant, maybe make the chimneys a few pixels taller? Add a heap of coal stacked in the corner perhaps? Outside staircase on the SW wall? IDK.


The thing is, IRL these buildings aren't that dark a shade of grey. Many are actually brownish tinted, or orange/yellow, etc. They also have more metal elements on facades. You got the general look spot on in the part under the chimneys, although I woundn't want to work in those offices. Maybe try out a few different textures for the rest of the building?

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for me I like the newer one, great job!


so the russians both have the regular and the advanced power plant and other sides only have only one of them?

for the russians it's quite weird to have two totally different looking power plants, I suggest to add a new design for the adv power plant too.


I wait for the release! :)

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Thanks for the feedback and suggestions guys! I've done some more work on the power plant, incorporating your suggestions slightly, making the chimneys a bit taller and adding a pipe to make the building more complete-feeling. I did try another colour palette but I couldn't find anything I liked, so I've stuck with this. Fixed the shading, fixed the remaps, made a damage frame. Here's some screenshots!



Russian power plants standing proudly in a Russian military outpost



Civilian-owned Power Plants in the middle of a city



These Terrorist Power Plants have fallen into disrepair.


so the russians both have the regular and the advanced power plant and other sides only have only one of them?

Thanks Messiah :) This means I've succeeded in making a Russian-looking power plant. The Advanced Power Plant is only for the Company of Answers.


Here's a breakdown of power plant by playable faction:


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Thanks guys! I'm glad you all love it! :cncsmirk:


Annnnd after some poking on Skype, Nyer forced me to tweak the damaged frame of the powerplant a bit. He demanded saggage! And here it is:



I also put the original one back in for use in campaign maps, like this small Company of Answers installation located in Ukraine:



In other news I've also made two videos, for the remaining two faction logos. I've yet to upload them but will give you guys a preview soon~

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  • 2 months later...

Hi there guys--sorry to be out of touch. I've been working on the mod and a new site for it but I had to go dark for a bit while some nonsense blew over. But I'm fine and almost ready to unleash the new site complete with all the C&C pages you guys can geek over. :cncsmirk:


While working on the pages today though I noticed a bug in the way I was assigning factions the various helicopters, which means I'll need to re-evaluate the Apache helicopter. I wanted to give it to Japan, USA and Russia, but looks like I can only give it to Russia. This gives me the opportunity to give it a more fitting name for Russia as well as try out something a bit... new.


Thing is, I'm not sure what would be best! So I decided to make a few different tests and threw them together into a video for you guys to check out. Have a look and let me know what you think of each of them~ :cncsmirk: My hunch is the anti-tank shells or the ballistic charges, as the honest john missiles seem a tad overpowered and steal the role of the SSM Launcher, but figured it'd be a cool vid anyhow.




Enjoy boys! :laugh:

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I watched the video. Seems you're right about the honest john missile, especially if that faction already has the SSM launcher. Machine guns on aircraft's also seem useless to me. I think the decision would depend on what other air units the other factions have and what sort of weapon is really needed for balance. Maybe if that faction does not already have an artillery unit, the ballistic explosives would be the best choice. If there is already an Orca with hellfire missiles or a similar unit, the tank shell weapon would seem redundant to me, regardless of who owns it. It's also probably unrealistic that a player would attack SAMs with a helicopter even if the weapon is effective. Im not sure if C&C mechanics differ much, but in RA I find any AP warhead launched from an aircraft to be generally ineffective against moving targets. I'm leaning towards the artillery shell weapon. Maybe a fifth option could even be a HE missile if you wanted accuracy opposed to a ballistic shell. Any weapon with a HE warhead I think would be the best option, seems to be the most "useful". Even against moving targets with heavy armor the spread of the HE warhead with high enough damage should do more damage that a missed AP shot.

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I likes the tank shells the most, personally.... I found it a bit unique.  I do however, remember messing with the stats like 20 years ago and finding SAM missiles pretty brutal, so maybe experiment with that.  IIRC they WILL hit ground units and I think they were pretty devastating.

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Thanks for checking out my vid guys and giving some feedback! :)


I think we can rule out the first and fourth prototype designs, the 4th seems like a worse version of the regular Apache, and the first obsoletes the SSM launcher (which I'd rather not do). I'm leaning towards the tank shell one--Russia is obsessed with anti-tank, to a fault (their only anti-infantry is the SSM launcher). I think that's cool~


If you guys want I could do more video updates to show bits off of the mod as I move towards finishing the more obscure areas of the thing.

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So after a surprising amount of work I can report that I've gone with the tank-shell option for the helicopter. I then had to rearrange both of them and swap the graphics to get the right helicopters on the right sides... factions can be such hard work haha! The end result is that US, Japan and Company will have the Longbow equipped with AP rockets and Russia (and Tomorrow if they get access to a helipad) will have the Hind equipped with tank shells. I've reduced the health of the Hind and made it marginally more expensive to try and balance things out, as it is more accurate.


I did toy with the idea of having both helicopters available for CoA, and making one of them anti-infantry... but it would mean having to give Russia a pointless tech structure and I think it might have been a bit weird. Ah well :) I like what we have going for now.

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I think that in reality, there are practical concerns about mounting a tank cannon on a helicopter...


Hopefully the tank cannon is recoil-less haha--otherwise might end up like the hover tank from Sergeant Bilko :P


Largest Calibre I can think of the top of my head is a 30mm cannon. (Mi24P)


I think it would really be the weight issue (heavy ammunition/auto loader/recoil system/larger thicker barrel& breach) rather than the actual stress of firing on the airframe.


In your mod timeline it could be Russia has only recently acquired missile/rocket motor technology? Would explain the large oversized SSM missiles.

If rockets & missiles were not "invented" I'd imagine a large Calibre, low velocity gun would be most suited for a helicopter... Think 152mm Sheridan gun with a fat HEAT warhead rather than a high velocity 105/120mm Abrams gun.


Plenty of helicopters used grenade launchers in the Vietnam era too. It could be an upscaled 40mm.


As for the Sprite its self, it would be extra work but Holloweye made a rocket pod hind, you could shade the pods black and it would perhaps look like cannons - Might be cool?  :)


http://sprites.openra.net/ Page 11

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Hey thanks for the link. I thought all the RA sprites went away, I had no idea where they went, haha.


Cool to know my helicopter isn't totally a silly concept. I think the suggestion you made isn't bad, just would be a little too large--those tubes are bigger than the mammoth tank barrels!


I'll keep thinking about helicopters and see if there's more that can be done. Having a siege helicopter for Company would be great, if there was a way to make a new helicopter...

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Hey thanks for the link. I thought all the RA sprites went away, I had no idea where they went, haha.


No problem! It would be cool to have a functioning database of community sprites  :) - Unfortunately You can't upload to that one currently.




Just because I was curious to find out... this is the largest gun mounted on a helicopter I could find...


It's a 30mm bushmaster 2. So thats bigger than the gun on the M2 Bradley (the light tank)

It fires the same sized rounds as the GAU-8, the A-10's infamous gun.

It's on a Seahawk helicopter because they were testing it to shoot sea mines not tanks.  :laugh:


As for a seige heli, I don't know how restricted you are for adding new units/shps but there is a cobra shp here: http://www.sleipnirstuff.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=16939&highlight=cobra

probably not ideal, but would at least look unique...


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I guess I just have to rule that my mod's arsenal is slightly fantasy in that while a lot of the technology exists, not all of it has come together in real life the same way it has in the mod. I imagine my Tank Hunter unit has a similar issue (very fast light tank with dual light cannons).


Cool pic though, and thanks for the digging. It's fun! :laugh:


If I could add a new helicopter I might make something up myself, sorta like the Osprey but with orca style enclosed rotors (mainly due to C&C only having the one option for helicopters). Depends if Nyer can work his magic or not I guess, haha~


*goes back to working on C&C thing he hopes he can show soon*


EDIT: the Cobra's not bad either :)

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      EDIT: The new mod profile is live!
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      Open the "Convert" menu, go to "Height map generation", and select "To basic levels image (from map)". This option will only work if you have a map loaded.

      You will end up with an image which has a dark gray background, and only the cliffs on it, in a slightly brighter gray. Note that this is a paletted image with five colours; even if the image is later saved as high-colour, it will be matched back to these five colours to be interpreted as height levels.

      As you see, the image has some modifications compared to the original; the conversion takes the last terrain types encountered at the edges of the actually used portion of the map, and stretches them to the full frame. This is done so cliffs placed outside a map's border to control reinforcements would not influence the height map.
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      3. Creating the actual (64x64) height map
      Now we got our levels image this is fairly simple. Once again, load the map into the converter program. Open the "Convert" menu, go to "Height map generation", and now select "To height map using levels (from map)".

      It will ask you to select the height levels image. Select the final product of our work from the previous step.
      Now the real magic happens. It will generate an image that adapts the terrain to the new heights, and if your cliffs match your levels image correctly, it will make sharp elevations for the cliffs and smooth slopes for the openings where the level decreases on non-cliff terrain. Furthermore, the height of rivers and other water will be applied on each specific level.

      Once this step is done, feel free to save the image if you want to add some more specific tweaks to it, or fix any errors the generator might have made. If you think the map is good enough, though, you can continue straight to the next step.
      4. Converting the height map to the final format
      So we got a 64x64 height map image now, loaded into the converter. The N64 game not only needs the image to be 65x65, but also needs it saved in the specific paletteless IMG format.
      First things first: go to "Convert", "Height map generation", and select the final option: "To 65x65 height map image (from image)". As you see, this is the only option in there that doesn't use a C&C map as input but an image.

      Select it, and the 64x64 data will be centered in a 65x65 frame, creating smoother edges everywhere.

      Starting from v1.04, the image in the editor will automatically identify itself as paletteless N64 image, so all you need to do is press Ctrl+S to save it in the correct format.
      ...and that's it! You have your height map, ready to insert into the ROM. The name format the game looks for is exactly the same as for the .ini and the .bin, just with .img as file extension.
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      Over at TiberiumWeb, Lin Kuei Ominae has been doing some very interesting experiments with triggers, and has come up with some neat ways to do stuff like making an AI-owned MCV move to a spot and deploy there, making reinforcements arrive on the Nod airstrip, and making a trigger to give a player money. I suggest you check it out
      Mind my replies though; Lin Kuei did make a couple of mistakes
    • By Lemon_sock
      First time using cncnet, I keep getting kicked whenever I join a game in the lobby but don't understand why. Sometimes I get a message saying no connection or problem with connection from one of the players. Or ping will come up with my name as NA. When I join a game in the lobby there's usually no green "I'm ready" button in the bottom left, it's only there if I try host a game (but then when I click it says waiting to connect, please try again in a few seconds or something).
      Can anyone advise, or help troubleshoot? I'm guessing there's a connection issue my end but dont know how to diagnose.
      (I have managed somehow to play two online games, no idea why it worked then but not most of the time).
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