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Command & Conquer: Dawn of Tomorrow teaser thread


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The gun that's on the Bradley in real life isn't a tank gun though; the vehicle is actually an APC. C&C uses a modified Bradley with a heavier gun. Both of those you mentioned are machine guns, btw, not actual tank guns.

A couple of corrections:


It is a "tank" gun, it's just not a large cannon as you would find on a main battle tank... But you do find them on more obscure AFV's (or tanks) such as the Russian BMPT-72 :



The Bradley is classed as an IFV not an in APC in real life due to its heavy armament.

(Yep I remember it saying NOD upgraded it to 70mm or something) although in the cgi renders they look like normal Bradley's...


As for being machine guns... that's false too... After I believe .50" calibre, bullets become shells.

A "machine gun" fires bullets.

an "autocannon" fires shells  :roll: :P


Sounds cool Kilkakon, something like the jump jet/ helicopter things in terminator?



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Oh wow, I didn't know Terminator had something similar (haven't seen it). Somewhat similar, I wouldn't have it anywhere near as space-agey. Not sure if it should slant in flight or not.


I'll ask Nyer when I can to see how realistic an extra helicopter is.

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Finally, after weeks of solid work, I am most pleased to announce I have finished my new website! Woo! Over the last month I have been slowly transitioning my online presence towards focusing on my mod work and gaming videos, which should hopefully help when C&C is released--I want to do everything I can so that every C&C fan can love it!




BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! :O I also have made a whole bunch of pages to show off C&C, the units and structures.




Would love to hear your feedback! I know Nyer wanted me to add superweapons--I'll do this soon--but everything else should be great! :D

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Behold a fully functional campaign selection screen! The palette took a little while to formulate but the result is great. Thanks to both Nyer and Blade as their tools combined allowed me to create this.


any release date?  :)

I'm aiming for Christmas! :laugh: All I have to do is dialogue, videos and campaign map transitions, although all of those are fairly involved. I'll be working on things as much as I can though, don't worry.


As I have launched my site and my new Patreon, I am now obligated to work a lot more consistently. I'll post updates as more work gets done!

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Wait a second...you never saw Terminator?  :laugh:


Anyway... I cannot wait for this release. You're doing what I've always wanted to do with RA.

And last I checked the registration process for Halloeyes openRA sprites is broken so you cant download anything.

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Thank you so much everyone :laugh: I'm glad you all like it. I got another mission's worth of frames done last night--4 more to go for Tomorrow, then I'll do CoA. Hopefully can crank them all out this week!


I won't have any more to show of them as it is a bit of a spoiler to see who wins and who loses. Don't want to give the game away now do we? heh-heh


And no I haven't seen Terminator 1 :( I've seen 3 though.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just to let you all know, the campaign transitions for the Tomorrow campaign have been completed. I'll need to work with Nyer as to fixing up the various country names (hopefully not too big a fix) but otherwise it's working 100% :D


Things are moving along for sure :) There's a few teething issues here and there (all of a sudden, videos have started to not display palettes properly, but they were fine before... needs more testing) so will keep working on it. :)


My goal for this coming week is to hire a voice over artist for Eva and to complete the Company of Answers campaign transitions! :cncsmirk:

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Sweet! I will make a list with all the various stats and hit you up tonight :)


There's 5 weeks until Christmas, my current deadline, I have to get cracking  :laugh:


Today I also fixed another obscure issue that came up while testing. While I plan to finish the videos before the campaign's done anyway, it was good to figure out what was wrong: https://forums.cncnet.org/index.php?topic=6813

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Hey folks! Time for an update!


Thanks to Nyer's fancy new font editor and it's live preview functionality, I've been able to sidestep a tedious hurdle towards making my briefing videos. He might be unwell but he's still producing awesome stuff! :cncsmirk:


Check out my spoiler free preview video!


Combining my new animated mask clip and Nyer's tool means I can make any dialogue video quite easily. I still have to sprite up my main characters but hey, a great start huh? :laugh:

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  • 1 month later...

It's been a crazy month but I have a few things that I can announce.


I've hired a voice actress and have all the Company of Answers dialogue recorded, including the EVA voice overs. I still have my issue with replicating Tomorrow's voice overs, hopefully I can find a solution to that one by posting on some forums or something. Nobody I know has any answers so I'm not sure what else to try.


I've been talking off and on with Nyer trying to sort out some technical issues that I'll need to have fixed to allow me to finish off the mod, as well as one or two feature requests which I'm pretty hyped about should they be possible. Will keep you guys posted.


Here's one of my feature requests, getting this ingame:



This is a rough model so feel free to critique me on its design. I was trying to have something similar to the Osprey (which isn't possible in C&C) using turbines instead of tiltrotors. Also trying to not have it look like an Orca.

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I suppose. I am trying to save some things for my mod, it's the second thing this week that people are looting XD


I'll ask you to come up with your own icon as mine is especially made for my Tank Hunter. Be sure to credit me~ :cncsmirk:


Still looking for feedback on the chopper :D

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I've done some more work on the helicopters and have a couple of alternatives to show, which ones do you like?


The new helicopter is for the Company of Answers. And some good news--Nyer has made some tweaks which seem to have the new chopper working ingame! I'll have to keep working on it tomorrow as it's 2 AM but let me know what you think.



Turbines as playercolours



Turbines as grey



No visible missiles, less visual clutter


what are those things on the... wings? Jets or missiles? I think missiles would be great. I like the cockpit. :)

They are SSMs :D

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